Cardea is a complete ecosystem for the exchange of privacy-preserving digital health credentials, open sourced by as a project in Linux Foundation Public Health.

This page explains how you can use the code, participate in the community to help develop the code, and learn about implementations of Cardea around the world.

How to start using Cardea

Cardea is a complete decentralized ecosystem for the exchange and verification of privacy-preserving digital credentials.

It means that people can share their health status, Covid test result, or proof of vaccination in a way that preserves their privacy.

Cardea is built on the Hyperledger technology stack and is ready to deploy now.

The codebase is on Github and can be accessed here.

Community requests

We are soliciting input from the Cardea Community on a draft governance framework for Cardea. The goal is a document that provides a simple set of best practice recommendations for Cardea should be governed. Comment can be signed or anonymous. You can access the review document here.

How to get involved

Cardea is maintained and developed by the Cardea Community Group.

We meet every Thursday and everyone is welcome to join, listen, and—even better— help develop the codebase to add new features.

Add a standing invite to the weekly Cardea Community meeting to your calendar by subscribing to the LFPH 

Previous Cardea Community meetings are available to watch on YouTube.

Cardea Community Group meeting notes are available here.

You can also join the Cardea Steering Committee to help advise the project and support the working group. To learn more, contact us.

Private Code of Conduct email: Subscribe: 

Private Security Code of Conduct email: Subscribe: (

We use the following channels for community building and outreach.

How Cardea is being used,  Liquid Avatar Technologies, and Ontario’s Vector Health Labs have jointly developed and launched a platform based on Cardea for sharing and verifying COVID-19 test results in Canada.

A reference implementation of Cardea was successfully trialed in Aruba with SITA.

Cardea  is a project of Linux Foundation Public Health.

For more information, visit